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Where we come from

Gardall's long tradition of building the finest quality safes and security devices means we have the experience and know-how other safe manufacturers simply can't compete with. The Gardall Difference isn't just in the quality of our safes, it's also in our decades of experience and pride in what we do.

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With over 55 distribution warehouses and 3500 retail dealers Gardall Safe Corporation has made its presence known in the ever increasing, fiercely competitive field of safe manufacturing. For many years, Gardall was primarily known as a northeast regional safe company. Being a dealer-based manufacturer with only regional sales, Gardall was primarily known in the northeastern United States.

The evolution of Gardall Safe Corporation can be traced all the way back to the 1930's. That was not when the company was founded, but rather the beginning of events that eventually led to the start-up of Gardall Safe Corporation.

During the 1930's a successful Syracuse retailer, by the name of George Bloch, began a safe manufacturing plant by the name of Protectall. With Bloch's sharp wit and business savy, Protectall was soon doing a very respectable business. All this activity and prosperity soon attracted the attention of a major competitive manufacturing rival, Mosler Safe Company. At the time, Mosler was the leading producer in the industry.

Mosler decided to attempt a purchase of Protectall from Mr. Bloch for the tidy sum of $1,000,000. After serious deliberation and debates, George Bloch accepted the Mosler offer and shortly thereafter, left the company for good.

Edward Mosler, one of the Mosler sons, was appointed to head the newest acquisition for Mosler and left for Syracuse, New York, to undertake this challenge. With the help of Henry Bluestone, who ran the sales department when Bloch owned Protectall, Edward Mosler and Bluestone successfully ran the company until 1949. At that time, Mr. Mosler Sr. decided to close the Syracuse plant and consolidate it into the main Mosler plant located in Hamilton Ohio.

It is said that the move on behalf of Mr. Mosler, Sr., was prompted by his desire to keep a closer watch on his son Edward. Apparently Edward was plagued with a great many personal problems. Bluestone decided to start a safe manufacturing plant of his own and named it Gardall Safe Corporation. After soliciting, and eventually receiving, some badly needed financial backing, Bluestone set up crude, modest and mostly under-capitalized manufacturing plant.

During that time, Gardall was located in a building that was owned by the Falso family, also owners of Thor Metal Products. Gardall was experiencing severe cash flow problems and Bluestone was needing some help to stay alive. Bluestone approached the Falso's with an offer to purchase the controlling share of the company. He knew that with their sheet metal fabricating knowledge and ability to invest much needed liquidity into the business, he could turn Gardall into a profitable business.

Adolph and Raymond Falso accepted Bluestone's offer and in 1970, purchased Gardall Safe Corporation. Bluestone remained with the company doing what he did best, sales.

After purchasing Gardall, the Falso brothers invested little time into the company. Some new machinery and engineering support for the product line was added, but little else. All their efforts were directed toward the family business, Thor Metal Products. Despite their lack of attention, Gardall did grow and prosper.

In 1978, Adolph Falso became a full-time employee of Gardall, as its President. Under his leadership, Gardall continued to improve the quality of its products and introduce many new offerings to the line. After almost thirty years of selling direct to dealers, Mr. Falso decided that the proper selling channel for safes was through regional distribution. In 1985, he began the process of converting his dealer business to a distribution-based business.

In 1986, the company changed hands once again. David Patton heard the company was up for sale and invited a friend, Ed Baroody, to look at the company. At the time Baroody, a coporate accountant, was vice president of finance for a division of Shell Oil. He refers to himself as a number cruncher that made money for other people and felt it was the right time in his life to take a chance on making it for himself. Mr. Patton and Baroody went on to purchase Gardall Safe Corporation with Baroody filling the role of president.

The greatest transitional change for Baroody from accounting to safe manufacturing was to become acclimated with the locksmiths. Baroody openly admits that he had never been in a locksmith shop before the purchase of Gardall, so familiarizing himself with locksmiths and seeing how he could help locksmiths make money, was his biggest challenge.

Today Gardall Safe Corporation sells product in all fifty states and around the world. Gardall has become a recognized world leader in residential, small business, and commercial grade safes. The quality and integrity established by George Bloch, continues today. Modern manufacturing designs allow Gardall to continue to be recognized for it's security, and function.