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Why Gardall?

Because we don't cut corners. We build only the highest quality, toughest, most durable, most secure safes that we know how to.

Gardall safes are not tin boxes that can be carried off to be opened at a thief's leisure. These are serious safes, built to be difficult to move and nearly impossible to open.

Our UL-rated fire safes will keep your cash and valuable papers intact for up to 2 hours, depending on safe model, even in direct contact with a fire.

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The Gardall Difference

When it comes to protecting your most treasured valuables, whether it be at-home cash, Aunt Ann’s diamond ring, your home deed, life or home insurance policy, or that photograph of Matt on his first birthday, you want to locate them in a safe that will give secure protection through fire or burglary attacks.

Too often consumers satisfy their security needs as inexpensively as possible, which only does them harm in the long run. When you localize your valuables in a safe you want to be sure that you are not setting yourself up for disappointment when a burglar takes your light weight metal box or small fire box out of your home, just like you brought it in from the store when you bought it. Cutting corners on security is a guarantee for an unhappy ending when it comes to buying a safe. In most cases, a safe is a lifetime purchase, one that might easily last for 20-30 years. Unlike a Security Deposit Box at a bank, your Gardall safe is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and gives you the “peace of mind” of being protected.

So what makes up the Gardall difference? Here are the 5 components of our difference:
  1. Premium Quality Manufacturing: Thicker steel, heavier overall weights, electronic welding and tougher paint make a Gardall safe the best choice for all commercial or residential applications. We have been producing premium quality safes since 1950.
  2. Wide/Varied Product Line: Gardall offers over 120 safes with either fire or burglary protection. Our safes have passed many different U.L. tests from the Residential Security Container label to TL30x6 in burglary tests and U.L. 1 Hour fire to U.L. 2 Hour (1850 degree F.) fire, explosion and drop tests.
  3. Innovative Design and Engineering: Gardall has been a leader in safe innovation over the years. We have been a Consumer Digest Best Buy and a featured safe by Home Mechanix Magazine. Our sophisticated designs have kept burglars out and fires away from our customers' valuables for over 57 years.
  4. Superior Customer Service: If you need help choosing a Gardall safe or you need to know where to locate the nearest Gardall dealer to you, our Customer Service Representatives are available to answer your questions from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard time Monday through Friday.
  5. Nationwide Dealer Network: Gardall has an extensive network of over 3,000 dealers across the country. You can find the dealer nearest you at – Dealer Locator or call 1-800-722-7233 and our Customer Service will help you.
Now that you know the Gardall difference, go ahead and purchase your new Gardall safe. One thing we know for sure, you won’t be sorry.